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We are a full-service media production company and creative agency. Our videographers, photographers, designers, and writers create beautiful, unique, and powerful content for global brands.



Luxuri Media is a team of like-minded creatives, who are dedicated to crafting compelling stories in the visual medium. Together we are a full-service media production company and creative agency. Our videographers, photographers, designers, and writers create beautiful, unique, custom-tailored and powerful content for luxury hotels and resorts. 

Video Production

Our team of cinematographers creates uniquely tailored videos to inspire your guests to travel to you. With a combined experience of over 20+ years are team knows how to showcase your resort's amenities in a truly compelling way.  We work with you from pre-production to past post-production to ensure our videos surpass your goals.


As artistic film specialists, we capture every level of your brand's architecture and lifestyle and showcase it in numerous product offerings such as In-room videos, room tours, event space, restaurant overviews,  and micro-content for social media. 

Social Media 

Social media is quickly becoming the must do in the realm of marketing and our team can help you stand out from the competition online. We not only help you capture content tailored specifically for social media but we can help you create an entire campaign. We know how to create videos and photography that will reach your audience and inspire engagement. 


Our social media photography and video has won awards for many of our clients and has helped them standout online and attract new customers. 

Aerial / Drone

Luxuri Media has been capturing stunning aerial content for over 7 years and utilities both state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and traditional Helicopters. Our UAV pilot in command is FAA Part-107 licensed and insured and specializes in capturing award-winning aerial architecture, championship golf, watersports, and more.


Combined with our unique approach and cinematic eye we capture breathtaking low-altitude imagery not possible any other way.

Corporate Video 

Whether you're needing internal or external branded communications videos our team of talented cameramen and storytellers work with you to create the most compelling and engaging films.


We have specially designed camera and audio equipment that presents your media relations in the most dynamic and compelling way.   


We specialize in lifestyle photography & video that captures the essence of your ideal guest experience. Our lifestyle photography is characterized by its natural, organic style. We strive to create images that feel authentic and true to life.We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are committed to creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during our shoots, and we take great care to ensure that every model feels valued and appreciated resulting in better images for our clients. We can provide models or work with local agencies, and have great model relationships! 


Architects, developers and luxury real estate companies need a specialized architecture photographer that produces an accurate representation of their craft. We take your lighting, design, and color and capture it at its absolute best. We work with our clients to truly understand their expectations and always set out to exceed them. 


Our passion for photography is reflected in the quality of our work. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that every image we capture is of the highest standard.

At Luxurimedia, we understand that every client is unique. That's why we take the time to get to know each client's needs and sytles, so that we can tailor our services to meet their specific requirements. 

Content Custom Tailored for Hotels & Resorts:

Hospitality is an industry that demands excellence, an industry that supports creativity and artistic expression from so many different sources, including the architects that design a property, the interior decorators that choose the style and the lighting designers who work to set the perfect mood. Our team works hard to capture that artistic expression and brings it directly to the customer in a way they can feel. Our goal is to provide you with the level of service that your customers require from you. We deliver stunning 5-star content that showcase the best your property, staff, and services have to offer. Whether it be the architecture, scenery, golf courses or other activities you offer, we can capture it in a way that captivates your customers. Our team is on the forefront of technology in the photography & cinematography world, utilizing the latest equipment, with a trained eye, to deliver simply the best images possible, while constantly pushing the limits of creativity.

The crew at Luxuri Media did a fantastic job with our videos for our property, the quality of the video and the timeliness of getting everything done was exceptional, i will absolutely be using them again and i would highly recommend them.


—  Adam Bowe, Silver Bow Club

Lloyd 2022 Small-1.jpg
Lloyd Garden

 Aerial Cinematographer // Photographer //  Marketing Manager

Lloyd has over 5+ years of aerial photography and cinematography experience. He is a skilled licensed drone pilot and has experienced everything from working on major film sets to working with world renown resorts and architects. Lloyd is also our Marketing Manager with a minor in Resort Marketing and management. Lloyd helps promote brands, and their online and social reputation through our work. 

Chris Bartkowski

Director // Cinematographer // Editor

Chris is an experienced and versatile cinematographer & photographer with 15+ years of experience behind the camera. He is also an experienced graphic design and digital artist. Chris is an established, well-respected camera operator as well as video editor.

A former professional snowboarder and veteran of the snowsports / hospitality industries, Chris’ video, photo and design talents were quickly recognized and demanded by resorts and properties throughout the country.


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